Dale’s Healthy Foods

Dale's Healthy Foods

Dale’s Healthy Foods is a completely uncommon online store that sells natural food, products for children and cosmetics for home and health. In their production, we used exclusively environmentally friendly raw materials grown and harvested in ecologically clean corners of our planet, as well as technologies that are friendly to the environment.

The basis of our range is organic products or organic products grown on fertile soil, without fertilizers or made without the use of GMOs, synthetic dyes and flavorings, as well as other substances that could harm your health.

in Dale’s Health Food store, you will find the most useful and tasty products, cosmetics, products for children, home cleaning products and much more. All our products are completely natural, many products have bio and organic certificates.

Dale’s Food is not just our work, it is a way of life and our family!

Dale’s Food advantages

  • Dale’s Natural Foods is very picky about the composition of the products that it offers. Therefore, here you will find only natural products;
  • We sell only what is done with the soul. We believe that it is possible to obtain a product of the highest quality only with a small production. Therefore, our suppliers are small companies and farms;
  • We know our customers. We will recognize your voices on the phone, remember what you like, what your children love. We work for your benefit and health, therefore, we are always happy to accept suggestions and criticism. You help Dale’s Healthy Foods become better;
  • We choose a healthy lifestyle. We try everything we sell. That is why we know all the products are not worse than suppliers and are always ready to give advice;
  • We are a “green” company. We use only biodegradable packaging and practice separate garbage collection;
  • We do not throw words to the wind. Our client is always right. We can make a mistake, but not at your expense. Therefore, it is important for us to hear your opinion, even negative. This will help us eliminate the error in the way that is most convenient for you, as well as get an invaluable lesson for the future. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods – we will refund the money or replace it with another one without unnecessary delays. We always correct inadvertent missteps and get better;
  • We love our job, so our team is a team of like-minded people. We are very reverent towards our colleagues, just as reverent as towards buyers. We are a family. Therefore, we accept professionals with a kind heart in our family;
  • We want to make our products as accessible as possible for everyone. Therefore, the margin on products is not high. Because of this, we cannot offer a big discount, but our prices are always reasonable;
  • We love to help. We really like our work and we want everyone around to be happy. Therefore, be sure to contact us if you need advice or help with a choice;
  • We love to lavish our customers. In our store of natural foods, you can always try what we sell. After all, we are confident in the high quality of our products. And we like when you love our goods!

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