About Us

Dales Healthy Foods

Dales Healthy Foods is a local, family-owned business that has been selling natural foods with home delivery since 1947. We have a very successful business experience. We love our work, and therefore we do it well.

The sale of natural healthy products is a responsible process. After all, it is very important that they are produced in suitable conditions, that their useful properties are not lost during transportation and that our customers receive only fresh, high-quality food. When ordering Dale’s foods, you can be sure that we are honest and responsible partners who always keep their word and care about quality

We hope that you will become not just our customers, but real friends. And we will be very happy if our products become the main ones on your table. We will do everything possible for this.

Why you will definitely like Dale’s natural foods?

  • We sell only fresh farm products;
  • We check farm products in the laboratory;
  • We deliver the products within 24 hours;
  • We regularly submit product samples for inspection to an independent laboratory. The absence of nitrates and pesticides, pathogenic bacteria – we guarantee all this;
  • We cooperate with large and certified manufacturers from all over the USA. Many farmers supply us with food. This is very cool, because certification is a 100% guarantee of naturalness and environmental friendliness of products;
  • You can visit our store and choose any product to your taste. One farmer’s cottage cheese is drier, the other has a wetter one. Some chickens are softer, others – more fertile. Choose which farm products you like best. After all, the most important thing is that they are all truly natural;
  • We carefully select suppliers and constantly monitor them;
  • We inspect the farm twice a week and know well what is happening there. We check that vegetables are grown without mineral fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Actually, we have everything in stock. Milk, goat and cow, cheeses, eggs, poultry, meat, fish, vegetables, bread, biscuits, ice cream, cereals, vegetable oil. Of course, everything is only natural.

We are confident in the quality of Dale’s foods and always meet the requirements of our customers.